quick facts

  • client:3soft
  • year:2019
  • design:UI
  • link: VIEW


For over 18 years, 3soft has been supporting the largest enterprises in gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage through the use of dedicated IT systems. It offers solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Management and Business Automation. Thanks to his knowledge, experience and passion, he implements technologically and business-advanced projects, extracting business value from large data sets.


With a team of 95 people in the company, problems began to appear with the analysis of working time and the effectiveness of the division of duties. It was decided to create your own program aimed at improving the quality of team management. The UX concept of lo-fidelity was created by Ewa Nowak (IT analyst from 3soft). It was necessary to create a prototype that would be accessible to work for developers. The project was to be consistent with the design of the website system.


I made a prototype in the UX'pin program, where the developer can easily read the specification and the entire design can be exported to HTML code. Due to the demand for quick project implementation, the prototype is not interactive. When composing the interface, I limited myself to using the design components of the 3soft.pl website.