quick facts

  • year:2018
  • design:UXUI,

project provenance

At the beginning of my digital designer career, I took part in the recruitment for the position of a product designer organized by the software house Brainhub. The recruitment task was to design the UX and UI for the iPhone 8S application that allows you to search for a cafés. It was necessary to present an idea for a search engine. I put a lot of commitment into the project. Additionally, I think it is phenomenal. That's why I decided to tweak it and use it for self-promotion.


In the text of the task, I received a description of the target group. Women and men aged 25-40 who have no problem spending money on expensive coffee in an atmospheric place. They attach great importance to the appearance of everything that surrounds them. They don't have children. Likewise, they need to find new, interesting places to go with their friends. The application should help them find new cafés and satisfy their sophisticated aesthetic tastes.


I came to the conclusion that the analysis should be done not only from the point of view of people looking for a café. The analysis also covered the alleged investor ordering the app and the owners of the cafés. While simulating the User Journey Map, I found stages in which the above-mentioned groups may have a problem in contact with a standard application of this type. My goal was to remove these pain points and bring about a situation where the final stage of the experience of contact with the application is the stage in which everyone is satisfied. To achieve this, I decided to eliminate: the compulsion to register (provide personal data) and the possibility of rating coffee shops. In addition, with UI design, I tried to simplify the design as much as possible so that the user could find key elements for navigation as soon as possible. I used the ability to create illustrations to give the project an individual character.