quick facts

  • client:let them book
  • year:2021
  • design:UI
  • link: VIEW


LET THEM BOOK Sp. Z o.o. is a company that operates in the fact that the website of dobrylogopeda.pl is dedicated only to speech therapists and people who support speech therapy services. You can speak there, check online or a specialist and use it for a stationary visit. Articles, online games and courses helping speech therapists are also published. Speech therapists can also use an appointment calendar and online classroom software.


The website of dobrylogopeda.pl has been implemented and launched as an MVP. The time has come to increase its aesthetic value, as well as to improve and expand it. The raw design that was then present was not in keeping with the atmosphere and friendly speech therapy classes. The pronunciation problem can be embarrassing. We wanted to create an aesthetic that would encourage even the most shy patients or parents of young patients to contact us. The refined brand image was also to help convince speech therapists to use the portal. Another issue on the website was the fact that it was dedicated to two groups of recipients, speech therapists and patients.


I have prepared a UI prototype based on the presently implemented shape of the website. We focused on finding the right colors, typography and graphic motifs that characterize the website. In the project, I used a color guide, where the blue color is used, content for patients is presented. The pink color characterizes the content dedicated to speech therapists. Dark green color means the elements responsible for navigation on the website. There is a new problem. In the mobile version, many graphic themes added to the website made the screens too long. In addition, the forms for making appointments had to be rebuilt to increase their functionality on the phone screen. That is why we decided to change the website model from Responsive Design to Adaptive Design.