quick facts

  • client:inprogress
  • year:2021
  • design:UI


Inprogress is one of the leaders in the training industry in Poland. Each year, it is classified in the forefront of the ranking of the largest training service providers, according to Computerworld. In the fall of 2019, she became the market leader in AgilePM® training and Project Management training as part of the "Trusted Training Radar® for AgilePM®" study conducted by Course Conductor. I was invited to work on the application thanks to my cooperation with software house, deployed.pl


The trainings conducted by Inprogress are stationary trainings. At the time of the outbreak of the pandemic, the company was forced to look for new opportunities for action. She created a training offer, online in real time. The virtual nature of the trainings allows access to the recordings of the classes that have taken place. Therefore, the trainings combine the positive features of online and stationary trainings. A program for carrying out such activities already existed. On the other hand, a need arose to create an application that enables training management.


Aga Lesz from deployed.pl is responsible for the UX design of this application called Inprogress +. I was tasked with designing the UI. I started with the analysis of graphic components, the design of the newly created inprogress website. I wanted to get as much consistency with the website as possible. Aga had a low-fidelity prototype prepared and tested. Together with the development team, we determined which screens are the most crucial for the quick implementation of the project and I started with them. In addition to managing the training sessions, the application was to additionally present the company's training offer, be used for communication and enable the performance of tests to check the acquired skills. Therefore, it was necessary to create many screens with various shapes and functionalities. This made it necessary to keep the font sizes as small as possible so that the whole design was flexible and allowed to adjust to any type of screen. In addition, I was asked to make a sketch note illustration for the application. This style is consistent with similar illustrations used on the company's website. It fits the work methodology that can be learned during inprogress courses.