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  • client:Perspective Food
  • year:2021
  • design:UXUI,
  • link: VIEW


The company deployed.pl, with which I work, has co-created applications intended for the catering business. Thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence, the application, based on data, very accurately plans revenues, forecasts the menu and staff needs. The Swiss, German team of Dr. Torsten Petersen, Prof. Dr. Ivo Blohm and Dr. Dieter Raebel.


As work on the Perspective Food app was nearing its end, it was time to start the sales process. What was needed was a website that would clearly inform what the application is and support the sales process. The complex and intricate nature of the product suggested an extensive page with a large amount of information. The second goal that was set for the website, is to support sales. Second goal led to landing page solutions. It consisted in presenting only the most important information and bringing the user to contacting the seller as quickly as possible. Both goals prompt conflicting solutions.


I came up with an innovative solution. Each page module has expanded options. The user can decide for himself which elements of the website he wants to develop and which he will get acquainted with in an accelerated manner. The website has the appearance and character inspired by the landing page, but gives more inquisitive people the ability to customize it according to their needs. Everything is maintained in the one-page model. I created illustrations to help you understand the messages quickly. They presented the main target groups and an avatar of artificial intelligence behind the application. In addition, I designed icons and decorative elements referring to fast data transfer.