• client:Sklep Biegacza
  • year:2016-2018
  • design:UI
  • link: VIEW


The Biegacza store is the largest chain of stationary stores in Poland, dedicated to jogging enthusiasts. It is also an online store. The company is made up of running enthusiasts. From the sellers, starting with the management board, everyone knows "what's going on". Knowledge of the subject and shared passion with customers mean that the competition on the Polish market must catch up with them.


In addition to the standard activity you'd expect from a running store, the Runner Store initiated many running events. In the rich offer, customers could take advantage of, among others with: trainings, running events, meetings with celebrities, trainings, shoe premieres, fashion shows. The traditional website of the store was not adapted to communicate such non-standard content. A need arose to create subpages where interested parties would learn more about the initiatives organized.


I created landing pages for events. They contained the most important information. Additionally, they redirected people to contact people responsible for a given event. They had more of the same design. The target user did not change, so we decided to use a proven scheme, which optimized the design time. I generated Front End on my own, using the template I purchased and the knowledge of HTML basics. Entering the developer's skin allowed me to gain greater awareness in project activities carried out in the future.