quick facts

  • client:vatix
  • year:2021
  • design:UXUI


Based in the UK, Vatix creates digital products to monitor employee security and better manage their working time. The company's vision is to create an integrated, digital approach to security, compliance and productivity. I was invited to work on the project thanks to the cooperation with the software house deployed.pl


Vatix wanted to integrate clothes-clip cameras into their digital flagship, Protector. There was a need to create an interface for cameras. It would be easy to use and visually and functionally coherent with the Protector. Additionally, elements responsible for interactions with the data transmitted by the camera had to be incorporated into the Protector interface.


I started with the analysis of the Protector program, its structure and design components. I also analyzed the way the camera works. Then we started working on the interface prototype. We have limited the functions to the most important ones so that users can react quickly in emergency situations. The issues related to the management of recorded videos, their filtering, deletion and file transfer were a big challenge. For the UI project, I designed icons consistent with the Protector interface components. The last stage of the work was to integrate the elements related to the management of data from the camera into the Protector interface.