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  • year:2016-2022
  • design:design

about projects

While carrying out orders in the area of ​​graphic design, I have cooperated or collaborated with companies related to the digital industry: Noble Prog, Cyclad, 3soft. Marketing agencies: North South, Evtrad, Inmedium. Online stores: Runner's Store, Sport-shop, Dotsport, Nodik, X-com. Producers such as Nike, Asics, Velo, Zohra, Nodium Group. Various types of individual clients such as Trip Theater or Prodetailer. Each of the clients had a need to appear on the Internet. Thanks to this, I was able to design various banners and graphics for the needs of digital communication. I created single graphics and entire banner campaigns. I designed Google Ads, social media banners, main banners for websites, graphics illustrating written text. Not only that, but I created illustrations for some banners. Each type of graphics required an individual approach. Thanks to this work, I was able to explore the secrets of creating visual elements for the Internet.